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Unbound: Points of Encounters
Unbound: Points of Encounters

Katherine Keltner and Luc Dubois
Unbound: Points of Encounters

American University Museum
Katzen Arts Center
November 2018 - January 2019

Unbound: Points of Encounters, considers the catalysts and technologies that trigger opportunities for connections between people and that initiate traceable encounters; and attempts to make these connections, personal emotions and experiences visible. Specifically, the exhibition uses the relationship between Katherine Keltner and Luc Dubois and their works to show how connections are affected by geographic locations, means of dialogue, respect, and actual potential places of encounter.

The artists, Katherine Keltner and Luc Dubois, have known each other and worked together for almost 15 years. During this period of time, their places of residence have only overlapped for short periods of days or weeks or months. The links between them though are much greater than the material boundaries of where they have met would suggest. It is the spaces between physical points of meeting that are crucial and lead to enduring associations, but in which direction? and how do we orient our communications through our technologies, geographic displacements and time zones for example?

This collaboration, Unbound: Points of Encounters, uses their points of geographical overlap, represented with the use of latitudinal and longitudinal data, as the visible framework for a structure that holds the friendship and the work together. This illustrates a bond even in those interstitial spaces between physical locations, and gives weight to the immateriality of memory in network building, both solidifying a continuing relationship and affecting each as they operate as individuals.

This framework presents and puts in dialogue discrete recent and past works each has made during time as colleagues and friends. While they maintain their own singular artistic progression, they also view their work(s) as a continuum, building from and between each other’s work. The eponymous drawing, Unbound: Points of Encounters, was initiated together, when both were physically in the same location during a joint residency in Paris in July 2018, and, thereafter continued via drawing files making multiple visually imperceptible electronic journeys across the ocean.

Their journeys continue...

”When are you available? How do you want to connect?”