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Don't Panic
Don't Panic

Don't Panic, Curated by Francesca Pessarelli
Michael Amendarola, Natale Adgnot, Annie Coggan, Nancy Hubbard, Katherine Keltner, Karyn Lao, Xingze Li, Dara Oshin, Elise Putnam, Syma, A. V. Ryan, Francesco Tumbiolo, Sarah Angèle Wilson

Sweet Lorraine Gallery
October 11 - 23, 2022

Don’t Panic is an imperative. We must not panic. The world is on fire but don’t panic. Your rights are on the line but don’t panic. We’re entering a recession but don’t panic. Your lover left you but don’t panic. But how? For those who are coping, how? For those who aren’t, what do you do? Take solace in humor. Meditate. Medicate. Make art. Scroll and scroll and scroll ad nauseam. Listen to your therapist. Listen to your astrologer. Don’t listen to the news.

This exhibition brings together thirteen artists from Ti Art Studios whose works address the resilience of not panicking, the vulnerability it takes to give in to the panic, and what coping means in a time of overwhelming distress.